• Erica Hackett


There are times when I may be at work and I cannot get away from my desk. I cannot find a nice, quiet private place to pray about everything that I have racing through my mind. I can't express all of the thoughts and things that I want to talk to God about. Those are the times when I open up Microsoft Word, and I begin to type God a letter. I start out, Dear God, and then I pour my heart out to my Heavenly Father.

You know what I have come to learn in the time that I have been a Christian; God is the only one who can give you what you want. Yes you can seek Godly counsel and seek the counsel of your brothers and sisters in Christ, but ultimately, God has the final say over whether you will or won't receive the blessing that you have been praying for. I bring my troubles and my cares straight to God. Sometimes, I quote scripture in the letters to remind Him of what His promises to me as His daughter are (as if He ever forgets LOL).

Afterwards, I feel so much better and I know that the burden has been lifted up off of my shoulders. I sign the letter, I pray over it, and then I fold it up and put it away in a box with all of my other letters that I have written to Him. You can commune with God in so many ways. We are not restricted when it comes to spending time with our Heavenly Father. So next time you can't get away to pray, write God a letter. Write him a quick, short note. Pray quietly to yourself. Whatever you do, get it out and get it to Him so that He can do something about it for you. Be blessed!