• Erica Hackett


Updated: Nov 7, 2017

In the story of Daniel, at 11:12, an angel comes to Daniel while he is praying and he tells Daniel that since the first day that Daniel began to pray for understanding and to humble himself before God his prayer was heard in heaven and that he had come to answer his prayer. He then goes on to say that he would have come to answer his prayer sooner, but for twenty-one days, Satan blocked his way which prevented him from being able to do that. Eventually, God sent Michael, one of the archangels to to help him, and the angel was able to answer Daniel's prayer leaving Michael there to fight Satan on Daniel's behalf.

There are many times when we pray and we pray and we pray some more and we wonder if God is even listening. Well, God is listening to your prayers, but anything that you are praying for, please believe that the enemy is not going to let you have that easily. He is going to fight tooth and nail because he does not want God to win. He does not want you to put your trust in Almighty God who can do anything! With God, the impossible becomes possible! What would have happened if Daniel would have stopped praying on the twentieth day? The enemy would have succeeded. You have to be persistent in praying. You have to trust God and remember that He is fighting for you, but the enemy is also fighting for you. Don't let the enemy win! Don't let the enemy block your blessings! I hope that you have a wonderful day! Be blessed!

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