• Erica Hackett


Updated: Nov 6, 2017

“The seed that falls among weeds stands for those who hear the word of God but the worries and the riches and the pleasures of life crowd in and choke them and their fruit never ripens.” Luke 8:14

Friends in Christ, I just want to share something with you that I heard today. In order to bring forth fruit, our hearts have to be prepared to hear the word of God. We have to remove everything from our hearts and our minds that would cause a seed sown by God into our lives to be choked. We cannot allow worldly issues and goings on to cause us to not hear the voice of God and follow his instruction. That is exactly what the enemy wants to happen.

We cannot let our fear and our uncertainty stop us from fulfilling the mission that God has for us or from receiving the blessings the God wants to bestow upon us. So if you are wondering why you may feel a little discouraged or you may feel like you have lost your way, take a look into your life and find the things that are a distraction. Find out what and who those weeds are that are choking the seeds that God is trying to sow into your hearts and lives and remove them so that you can flourish in God's word and blessings. God bless you!

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